Storm Pond Repairs

Calgary, Alberta

Project Description

The June 2013 flooding events damaged many areas in Calgary. A number of storm ponds operated by the City, adjacent to the Bow River, suffered damage during the flooding. Sweettech was retained by the City of Calgary to assess the extent of required repairs and provide recommendations for practical repairs to the following storm pond systems within the City and Fish Creek Provincial Park:
  • Fish Creek East
  • Burnsmeade
  • Valley Ridge
Damaged culverts, weirs, stream channels and eroded banks were some of the issues requiring repair. After performing a field investegation, fit-for-purpose, practical repair recommendations were provided. Engineering drawings outlining the repair work required were provided for tendering.

  Key Elements

City of Calgary

Spring 2016 - Ongoing

Engineering Services
  • Repair Assessment
  • Conceptual & Detailed Engineering
  • Flood Protection
  • Hydrotechnical and Civil Engineering
  • Tender support
  • Construction Inspection