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Professional Experience

Neil is an experienced Environmental Engineer who has worked across industry sectors in Western and Northern Canada. He has a demonstrated capability for building & leading high performing teams in both industry and consulting settings. He is fluent in all environmental disciplines based on experience gained leading joint federal/provincial environmental impact assessments and the environment team at Canada’s largest metal mine. Beyond engagement, Neil has successfully built capacity in Indigenous Governments and organizations so that they can undertake environmental contracting and consulting work within their homelands.
Neil has lived and worked in small towns and large cities. He understands how get work done at operations, remote field locations and in the boardroom.

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Highland Valley Copper Partnership, Teck HVCP, Kamloops, BC, 2020 - 2024 Managed twenty-four staff, six contractors and associated budgets. Led water resources, carbon & energy, terrestrial & air, and Regulatory & Engagement sectors. Accountable for environmental compliance, permitting and auditing. Champion for implementation of corporate safety, water, biodiversity, and sustainability goals. Engagement with 17 Indigenous Governments and organizations. Social Environment & regulatory Affairs Advisory group member for the HVC 2040 mine life extension project. 
Texk Resouces Limited Energy Business Unit, Teck Resources Limited, Calgary AB, 2010 - 2020 Managed environmental staff, risks, and budgets for Teck’s oil sands assets. Managed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Frontier oil sands mine project including participation in the Joint Review Panel Hearing and negotiation of regulatory approval conditions. Environmental representative during Consultation and negotiation of Impact benefit Agreement with Indigenous Governments and organizations. Strategized how corporate sustainability initiatives related water, land, biodiversity, and climate apply to the Frontier project. Member of Canada Oil Sand Innovation Alliance sustainability working groups for biodiversity, species at risk and wetlands. Member of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers working groups for species at risk, caribou, mine water return and oil sands monitoring.
Sullivan Mine, Teck Resources Limited, Kimberley, BC, 2006 - 2008 Project manager/senior engineer involved in the closure of the +2,000ha mine site, which required a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) and Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment (HH/Eco RA) to comply with the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation.  A public consultation process was completed as required by the Mine Permit and to develop a sustainable development plan.  The Mine was a self-contained industrial complex that included a coal-fired power plant, water treatment plant, several landfills, a lead/zinc concentrator, a tin smelter, an ammonium phosphate fertilizer plant, an iron plant and a steel mill.  
Yankee Girl Tailing Remediation Project, BC, 2006 - 2008 Acted as project manager/engineer. Project elements included stakeholder consultation, construction of an erosion control barrier, chemical stabilization of reactive waste, a geo-synthetic cover and a constructed wetland. 

Sullivan Mine, Teck Resources Limited, Kimberley, BC, 1997 - 2003 Project manager/engineer involved in the assessment and remediation of the 50ha Bluebell Mine in Riondel, BC including a permitting and approval process that involved twelve government agencies and included a public consultation process. The project involved the decommissioning of all mine infrastructure including 300,000m3 of waste which was managed on-site and the off-site disposal of 60,000m3 of reactive waste.  Remediation extended to a depth of 5m in Kootenay Lake.

Confidential Site, Cranbrook, BC, 1997 - 2003 Management of a reactive mining waste contaminated site that had impacted surficial soils, a community water supply well and a fish bearing stream.  The management plan was based on the results of a HH/Eco RA, which considered a “red listed” species and included source removal, capping and a long term risk management plan.

Elkview Operations, Elk Valley Coal Corp. (EVCC), BC, 2006 - 2008 Design and management of a baseline domestic water sampling program, hydrologic & hydrogeologic study and alternate water supply evaluation in preparation for a Section 10 pit expansion permit application.
Cronin, Cork-Province, Ymir-Protection, & Bralorne-Tackla Mines, BC, 2006 - 2008 As the owner’s representative, management of Crown orphan mine assessment and remediation projects throughout BC.  Responsibilities included the development of tenders and contracts, bid evaluation and liaison with consultants and contractors on behalf of the Province. 
  • Teck’s LFF and LFX Leadership programs
  • 1993 Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology – B.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering
  • 1988 British Columbia Institute of Technology, Petroleum Diploma

  • Superintendent of Environment, 2020 - 2024
    Teck Resources Limited
  • Manager of Environment, 2010 - 2020
    Teck Energy Business Unit
  • President, 2008 - 2010
    Sandstrom Consulting Services Inc.

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC)
  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
  • Canadian Land Reclamation Association-President, Alberta Chapter, 2007-2009
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers 2010 to 2020 – Owners Representative 
  • Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance 2010 to 2020 – GHG & Land Environmental Priority Area Representative
Certificates & Awards
  • Teck Excellence Award nominee 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and Excellence Award Winner 2019