Our Services

Water Resources & Hydrotechnical  

Fisheries & Aquatics Compensation
Stream Crossings & Diversions
Site Drainage
Flood Protection
Hydraulic Structures
Pumps & Pipelines
Water Storage Ponds & Settling Ponds
Storm Water Management
Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

Aggregate Mine Planning and Development
Soft Ground Access
Construction Dewatering
Site Servicing & DSSP
Access Roads, Water Course Crossings & Culverts
Grading Plans
Construction Laydown Areas
Dams, Dykes & Berms
Construction Sequencing & Execution Planning

  Heavy Civil & Land Development

Detailed Engineering  

Options Analysis & Optimization
Detailed Engineering Design
Engineering & Construction Drawings
Design Basis Reports
Schedule of Quantities

Specialty Sub‐consultant Selection
Construction Cost Estimating
Tendering & Bid Documents
Contract Administration
Engineering Drawings & Technical Specifications

  Project & Construction Management

Consulting Services  

Professional Presentations
Strategic Reviews & Project Advice
Public and First Nations Consultation
Regulatory Consultation, Applications & Permitting
Site Assessments & Inspections

Specialty Sub‐consultant Selection
Site & sub-surface geotechnical investigations
Soil classification & laboratory analysis
Design of deep foundations (driven, belled, cast-in-place etc.)
Design of micro-pile foundations & soil nail walls
Shallow foundation bearing assessment, load capacity determination & frost design mitigation
Temporary excavations & shoring / Slope stability assessments
Ground improvements / Retaining structures
Mechanically stabilized earth walls & abutments

  Geotechnical Services